(Now is a great time to start!)

Each fall, our mailbox overflows with flower catalogs.  These catalogs get lugged to our dining room table & Erik starts the process of plant ordering for the coming spring. Every morning, for about 2 months, I stumble out of bed at 6am (okay, maybe 7am), and he’s already been up for hours pouring over the catalogs.  He is in his zone.  Why does he put so much energy into this process? 1. He’s a total plant nerd.  2. He knows that when you come to our greenhouse, you’re looking for unique, different, and NEW!

This is why we’ve made a list of our Top 12 New Annuals for 2019.  We want to share it with you so you can start dreaming about your containers & garden!  It’s our FREE gift of sunshine to you! 

When our greenhouse opens (mid April), these flower varieties go quickly, so be sure to visit us early! Our list of Top 12 New Perennials for 2019 will be coming to your inbox soon, too – keep a look out!

Be well, friends!