About Our Garden Center

Mill Creek Gardens, a garden center and cut flower farm, is located in Central Wisconsin just south of Marshfield.  The Winer Family has owned Mill Creek Gardens for 7 years & takes great pride in offering an environment where customers can learn about gardening and how plants enrich our lives.  We believe that plants make people happy & you can be sure that a stop at Mill Creek Gardens will make you smile!  Our garden center is open April through December.


Annual plants are meant to live one season (April through September in Wisconsin).  These plants offer vibrant color in landscapes, containers, window boxes and hanging baskets.  At Mill Creek, we are very proud of our selection of annuals and we grow it all in-house!  Our annual plants are started from seed or cuttings in January & February each year.

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Perennials and Shrubs

Perennial plants and shrubs survive our cold Wisconsin winters and come back year after year.  In central Wisconsin, we are a solid zone 4, and we only offer perennials hardy to our zone.  Thankfully, we have many flowers and foliage perennial plants to choose from.  Perennials grow and bloom through spring to late fall, then fall dormant in winter.

Whether you are an experienced gardener or have just bought a home, we have many options for you!  Our perennial section caters to beginner gardeners, those that love butterflies, those that have issues with deer, wetlands, and shade!  We also specialize in low-maintenance gardening; let’s keep it easy and fun, folks!  We carry favorites like hostas, ferns, grasses, and flowering perennials as well as unique and more specialty plants!

We give free consultations – so, snap a few picture of your space and let us help you build a beautiful garden!

Succulents, Cacti, and Air Plants

Succulents are the perfect houseplant because they are low-maintenance & do great indoors.   Perennial succulents (hens and chicks) are perennials for our zone (zone 4), so they can also be enjoyed in landscapes.  Succulent plants are known for their thick, leathery leaves.  The water stored in their leaves allow succulents to survive in dry climates with little water.

Our succulent stock is ever changing, so you’re always in for a treat!  You’ll find succulents in ceramic pots, dish gardens, & as projects at our workshops!  They also make a GREAT gift for anyone in your life!

Cacti, like succulents, store water in their fleshy core.  Great news, they are low-maintenance, too! Enjoy larger cactus in a ceramic pot or plant up a few in a glass terrarium!

Air plants (Tillandsias) don’t need soil to grow! They are native to South America, and grow in trees by anchoring their small roots to branches. Air plants look beautiful in glass containers or mounted to pieces of wood.  When you take an air plant home, be sure to display it in a place that has bright, indirect light and give it a mist of water once a week. You can also soak air plants in water for an hour, once a week.

To download our FREE succulent, cacti, and air plant cheat sheets, click this link!

Cut Flowers

We grow sustainable cut flowers on our farm in Marshfield & offer seasonable blooms through local farmers markets, florists, and weddings.  We serve as a full-service florist for weddings and also offer buckets of bulk flowers for DIY brides.  Our favorite crops include ranunculus, sweet peas, lisianthus, dahlias, snapdragons, & zinnias.  If you are interested in booking a wedding with us, please email Danielle at help@millcreekgardencenter.com.

To download our Wedding Designs & Pricing sheet, click here!

Autumn at Mill Creek

Autumn is one of our favorite times of year at Mill Creek, and it’s for good reason!  We offer hardy & pot mums for landscapes and containers.  You will also enjoy our pre-planted patio pots in solid and mixed colors.  Graceful grasses, ornamental kale, ivy, & pansies are also great fall options.  Decorate your porch with pumpkins, corn stalks, & straw bales, as well!

Christmas Market at Mill Creek

Celebrate a natural Christmas with us at Mill Creek!  At our Christmas Market, we offer custom garland, wreaths, swags, cut trees, & holiday-inspired plants!  And better yet, you’ll find holiday crafts for kids each weekend!  Our Christmas Collection is filled with unique local, handmade, and fair-trade gifts for your loved ones!  Grab a friend and join us for a workshop to make a hand-tied wreath, winter arrangement, or a succulent pine cone ornament!