As many of you know, Erik and I found out we were expecting the week our greenhouse opened for the spring.  During opening week, you can find me running from task to task, our workshop looks like a disheveled high school art room, & our team is scrubbing every last corner of the greenhouse.  This opening week was different, I wasn’t feeling well and didn’t know why.  I had no stamina and simply wanted to sleep the day away!  What joy we discovered that week!  Expecting a child is something we anxiously welcomed and I knew the icky mornings would be worth it!

With the progression of spring, we slowly started to share our exciting news with family, friends, & our customers.  We also started preparing (as best one can!) to take on parenthood! Erik and I both are so thankful for our growing up experiences and we want to offer a similar supportive, loving experience for our child.

As we prepare for new responsibilities, we look to our past experiences & strengths for insight.  We need to look no further than our plant babies!  Here are some plant baby practices that we hope will give us the know-how and strength to be great human baby parents.
PLEASE weigh in…are these connections valid?!

  1. Plants & babies need love & affection daily
  2. Plants & babies require regular feedings – even if you are tired…
  3. Plants & babies require your patience to give them time to grow up to what they were meant to be
  4. Plants & babies need night time attention even when you wish you were sleeping
  5. Plants & babies are forgiving & allow you to make mistakes
  6. Plants & babies are beautiful living things that should be cherished!

It cracks me up every time I hear a mom say, “I’m really good at keeping my kids alive, but plants, that’s another story!”.  Well you see, its the opposite for us!  We are so thankful that God is giving us peace about becoming the parents we want to be.  And we believe that we ALL, plants, babies, & people, need daily love, affection, & care.  We’ve got a lot of THAT to go around…so I think we will be ready come November 28th!

Want to chat about plant care?  Want to share a parenting story?  Stop out at the greenhouse, we’d love to chat!

Remember our summer hours are Wed 12pm-5pm, Thurs & Fri 12pm-6pm, Sat 10am-2pm.

Future Baby Mama, 


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