It’s late winter and you’re at the local box store.  You see the plant section finally has green in it.  With child in toe, you glance over to your hubby, he’s enthralled in the tool section and probably wouldn’t notice if you perused the plant department.

Ah, PLANTS! The Wisconsin winter has been dragging on you.  You need some green in your life!  Some plants look wilted while others look fully alive.  You think to yourself, “I wonder what this one is called…does it need sun?  It would look amazing in the dining room but we don’t get much sun there.”  You look up for an employee that might be able to answer your questions.  There’s no one to be found.

You find a plant that appeals to you, purchase it, and hope you don’t kill it like you did last time.  You think, “well, it’s always worth a try…”

Has this been your experience?  A love of plants but no one to help you?  You see amazing shots of plants stylized on Pinterest but are unsure how to invest in them for yourself.  THANK GOODNESS, you’ve got a local greenhouse that has your back.

At Mill Creek, it is our JOY to learn about your space & lifestyle and help you find the plant that you can love, enjoy, and watch flourish.

Here’s all you need to do – first, download our guide to houseplants.  Second, join us at the greenhouse! .  Let’s be plant people together!

With A Warm Heart,